Cerbelli Creative has created a dream factory, and our dreams are your dreams. If you can Imagine it, Cerbelli Creative can exceed it. The satisfaction derived by Michael and the team at Cerbelli Creative comes from the wonder in your eyes at sights never seen before, the excitement of a moment never before dreamed, and beauty never before witnessed. 


Michael Cerbelli

Michael Cerbelli is the very definition of international events. For over 41 years, Michael has done more than change the paradigm of prestigious happenings – Michael has become the paradigm.

If you have been one of the fortunate invitees to a Cerbelli creation, you know who he is. But more importantly, you have experienced first-hand Michael’s breathtaking creativity and mad technical expertise. His success is the result of more than just his mind-blowing concepts, it’s also because his events go off with a military – yet transparent – precision. Though a fixture in the New York City events scene, Michael’s influence is worldwide; from the Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to a birthday party for the King of Morocco, to a signature event at the palace of Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg, Russia, Cerbelli Creative’s events are legendary.

Michael’s recent multi-million-dollar ‘Brooklyn Bar-Mitzvah’ at the Barclay Center grabbed the attention of the worldwide press from CNN to the BBC. Still, Michael’s passion is to do more than create incredible experiences. He would much rather be ‘giving back’ to the event community than fielding calls from the press. Michael’s heart is expressed through his wildly-successful, “Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™” events. With “The Hot List™,” Michael works to inspire producers throughout the industry, reveal the latest trends, and fill their creative toolbox with the latest event resources.

In 2019 Michael was inducted into the event industry Hall of Fame by BizBash a respected multi-million readership for his decades of experience working in event design and production, meetings, hospitality and sponsorships, corporate events, rentals, and more.



Denise Tavarez-Cerbelli
Chief Operations Officer

In Denise's family, hard work was the norm; and this is where she derives her strong work ethic. She is focused on more than making the next milestone event; she is committed to making Cerbelli Creative an enduring landmark in event productions.

Sara Meletis
    Senior Project / Entertainment Manager

Sara's success as the Entertainment Coordinator of the Brooklyn Nets caught Cerbelli's attention immediately and since joining the team, she's proved that instinct to be correct. Her ability to juggle ten things at once fits in line with her personality, always on the go and always looking for that next challenge. 

Jessica Tseng
Project Manager

Jessica’s past success at Destination Nashville has given her ample experience in event operations. She loves combining her knowledge of logistics and ability to think creatively to execute the perfect event. Her biggest passions come from creating memorable and inspiring events that bring people together.


Tiffany Campbell
Project Coordinator

Tiffany spent the past five years at Barclays Center managing events and working with VIP clients helping to build long-lasting relationships. Her passion for wanting to help people and have them experience new things is what led her to work in events.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 7.30.46 PM.png

VP (Vice Pooch) of Events

Our VP of Events commands attention when she walks into a room. Like Michael, she has a big personality and is always up for a challenge.